As I write these pages I am reminded of the stories of my life, and the songs I've written that tell my tale. I am touched by the struggles I have witnessed and the healing I have received through difficult times.

Healing with Sound
from a personal perspective

Music is my passion! improvising with voices, listening to the silence between the notes; toning on the body, moving energy with sound, using tuning forks to heal physical and emotional pain. Singing and playing Music to facilitate wellness, sound with the intention to heal! Music is my life! I receive so much joy in sharing my passion with others!

At the end of my 17th year, I had an out -of- body experience and when I came to I was in the hospital. I remained there for six months and became extremely depressed. I was in a lot of pain. I moaned and toned into the places where I felt pain. It soothed me. During that time, a group of 5 men and woman came and sang gospel songs to me. Before their visits I had no will to live. Their loving spirits and the voices that came through them brought me out of my depression and I became joyful again. If it were not for their loving presence, I do not think I'd be here on this planet today.

I am reminded of the many times in my life when I have felt pain of some sort. Whether it be in my body, emotional, or spiritual. I would bring sound to the place where I was hurting and the pain would dissipate. Sound Heals! When I was a sick baby or an angry child, I released my pain with sound. From a toothache to an operation, sound put me into a meditative space and acted like a anesthetic. As a depressed teenager, singing songs, sound helped me to process my emotions, as a woman, sound was a release of ecstasy and laughter. The sound of tuning forks help me become more present. Chanting, drumming, my shroody box, all these sounds help me get in touch with my spirituality. Music has the ability to change moods, heal physical ailments and raise spiritual awareness. Even planets make sounds! Sound is one of the most powerful tools in the universe. We are all connected!

In 1993 I made a CD and soon after an Agent read some reviews about me and put me on tour in Europe. I thought I had made it to the big time. After the tour was over, I realized that being a musician on the road was not all that glamorous. I continued to perform, staying closer to home and raised my children. I felt I needed to experience performing in that way before I could move in another direction. I continued to perform but I felt something was missing. I wanted community, Spiritual connection, Healing. I love to touch people in a way that brings a deeper connection with ourselves and with one another. As a performer on stage I knew how to reach people but I felt separate. I was looking for a way I could reach people and be part of a larger circle.

While visiting a friend at Esalen Institute, I was on my way to a writing class , when I heard beautiful sounds coming from a distance. I followed the sounds and found myself in the garden, overlooking the ocean. There were two woman and a man improvising with their voices. It was beautiful. It was Beautiful! I listened for a while and asked if I may join in. They smiled and said enthusiastically Yes! I felt my spirits rise, That empty feeling in my gut disappear and a feeling of complete joy wash over me. I felt bliss! I love singing with other people. Without thought of what note comes next. The notes and sounds come from a higher place within myself. A silence within my self. I imagine the people I sing with have a similar experience. They said they were taking a workshop with a man named David Darling and maybe he'd let me sit in. I followed them back to the room and asked David if it would be all right for me to listen for a while. He was so kind , accepting and generous. He motioned for me to come closer and encouraged me to participate. I know I was guided to that garden and to David's workshop. He is an amazing cellist, a wonderful teacher and a beautiful human being. I've gone back to David's workshops several times since then. David's open heart and accepting nature allowed me to feel safe and learn to open my heart and let it be okay to feel vulnerable. What a blessing! David inspired me and one year later I created (link) "Finding Your Voice Workshops.

I found my first connection at TAMA -DO Academy of Sound Color and Movement. I studied at Tama-Do for 2 years and learned about Chi Gong, Vibrational Medicine and the medicinal uses of tuning forks and energy work. I found what I felt was missing from my life as a performer, a higher purpose for my music.

Two years later I had the opportunity to take study with Bobby McFerrin, a master of improvisational music! I learned a lot about the art of improvisational singing and making sounds using vowels, consonants not to mention every part of my body!

In 2006 I graduated CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) in a year long certification program on Healing with Sound, Voice and Music. I studied with many well known practitioner's in the field of Vibrational Medicine, Sound Healing and Sound Therapy, which deepened my practice.

The more I work on my own self awareness, the deeper my work becomes and the more I can facilitate movement in my clients, opening hearts and facilitating self empowerment.

Life is a process in which we learn to love all aspects of ourselves, become more aware of who we are, where we've come from and a clearer picture as to where I'm going.

May you be free from suffering.


Valerie's Education

Valerie's practice, "Hummingbird Medicine," offers Peer Counseling, Massage Therapy, Intuitive Sound Healing, and Vibrational Medicine. Valerie also offers workshops on "Self Empowerment," Meditations with Sound and "Finding Your Inner Voice."

After 30 years of being on the stage, Valerie began a search to find a way to deepen people's experience of themselves through sound therapy, self inquiry, and body awareness. She has studied Improvisational Voice and music with Bobby McFerrin, and David Darling. She studied for two years in France in the field of Vibrational Medicine with Fabian Maman, founder of Tama-do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. In 2007 Valerie completed a year long certification program in Healing with Sound at California Institute of Intergal Studies in San Francisco, where she studied with many well known teachers in the field of both music therapy and sound healing.

She received her training in massage therapy at Phillip's School of Massage in Nevada City, CA, and has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 1989, Certified Sound Healing Practioner, professional singer, songwriter, performing since 1979 and the creator of Finding Your Voice Workshops, She has taught music and movement, Improv and song writing to both adults and children for over thirty years.

Valerie has performed and toured in America and abroad. She has several CD's of her original music.


Valerie's charismatic, warm personality was evident and inspired the Wards, who showed great enthusiasm. She gave food for thought to the minors, communication alternative ways to express their emotions and their actions. Fluke, Dave, The Sacramento County Boys Ranch

Valerie has a knack for drawing the seniors to participate in singing songs, playing instruments and improvisational music. Begeran, Cyndee, Activity Director, Adult Day Services

Ms. Lowe works with people in a supportive and therapeutic manner. She is creative and musically talented. She would be a positive addition a a program to bring inspiration, enthusiasm and creativity. Ms. Lowe has compassion for others and is open to sharing her own life experiences to assist others. Smith, C. MFT

Valerie touches the hearts of people she connects with. She addresses issues of serious content using humor as a tool to get her message across. She has excellent leadership skills. She is vivacious, fun, and a strong advocate for people, to help them, help themselves. Fox, Jill, MFT

Valerie is honest, trustworthy, capable, talented, compassionate, tolerant, kind, expressive, helpful and willing. Ash, Norma, friend

Valerie has volunteered with non-profit organizations such as:
  • Bread and Roses
  • The Domestic Violence Coalition
  • Drug Rehabilitation Centers
  • Fundraisers (Earthday, KVMR,
  • Group homes for sexually abused children
  • Homes for the physically handicapped
  • Hospitals
  • Mental health facilities
  • Prison
  • Senior centers
We are all healers and teachers for one another. We are looking for love and it has always been here, we just need to open our eyes to see it!

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